Aleksander "Olek" Domalewski


Olek began skydiving in 1998, with no intention to BASE jump, but after a few years in the sport and around 500 skydives he found himself in Norway where he discovered big wall BASE jumping. Since then, his travels have taken him to jump in thirty countries around the world. Every continent besides Antarctica, 250+ different objects, and more than 1500+ B.A.S.E. jumps over 14 years. Olek is fired up to jump all objects, slider up or slider off. He now resides in Switzerland, where he explores with the locals and enjoys showing his friends new exit points. While Olek spends a lot of his time in his wingsuit, he also enjoys flying his Sausage.

Olek’s BASE event history has seen him organize crane events, and compete in wingsuit BASE races from Norway to China. Many years of mentoring friends has slowly developed into a BASE school, We’re excited to have Olek on the team and to have the NL syllabus and support reach more Polish language jumpers. If you haven’t met Olek on your travels in the Alps yet, you probably will soon.