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  • European BASE Camp: Croatia, Italy, Switzerland

Matt Lajeunesse

Moab, UT

(You might know him as "Laj") Matt began jumping while earning two degrees in education at Temple University. The start to his BASE jumping career was a stereotypical slider-off story. Climbing towers, buildings, and any other object within a few hours radius of Philly became an obsession. After graduating from college, he immediately moved to Boulder, CO, to begin working in education. Moving away from the east coast enabled him to become even more active in BASE, and he excelled at opening objects, remote backcountry jumping, and aerials. In 2012 he gave up his teaching career and began skydiving and BASE jumping full-time. He has made over 7,700 skydives and 1,200 BASE jumps around the world, has worked with most BASE manufacturers, and has flown nearly every BASE canopy on the market. He has been fortunate to check off some incredible BASE jumps, traveled with the original skydive Dubai BASE team, worked on the Point Break remake (yup, the one everyone hates), built the Panama BASE zipline, made it to the finals of the China World BASE aerial and accuracy competition, and performed several BASE jumps into events and stadiums.