NEXT LEVEL BASE courses provide you with a strong foundation for your progression. NL courses go beyond the typical "First Jump Course", with a more in-depth exploration of BASE rigging, ethics, object separation / avoidance, weather assessment, object evaluation, and progression into more advanced skills. Importantly, joining the NEXT LEVEL community is a long-term commitment. You gain access to the largest worldwide network of BASE instructors, with lifetime mentorship for those who are willing to commit to a responsible progression.

Elevated BASE Skills Course:

The EBS course is for jumpers who want to improve their chances of success in the BASE environment. This course is heavy on advanced canopy skills and accuracy landings. You will use a BASE parachute (in the skydive environment) to learn advanced canopy skills that are critical to object avoidance and safe landings in BASE. You will learn to pack a BASE rig, go through advanced water training, learn the basics of BASE rigging, and more. This intensive course delivers more knowledge, technique, and training than most BASE FJCs. When you arrive at your next object, you'll be ready to focus on jumping and will have a deeper understanding of BASE canopy flight and accuracy landing techniques.


Like any First Jump Course, the NEXT LEVEL BASE FJC will get you your first few BASE jumps. Unlike many other BASE FJCs, this course takes you to the NEXT LEVEL on weather, ethics, rigging, BASE objects, and equipment. You will learn about micro meteorology conditions that aren’t part of a forecast, and you will gain a thorough understanding of your equipment. These essential factors will prepare you to make safer assessments of objects, your gear, and the conditions you will find yourself in.

BASE Level 1:

Recommended as an add-on to the FJC, B1 will allow you the opportunity to complete more jumps and will introduce you to more advanced techniques. Object avoidance is a focus. You may jump at night, learn a variety of unpacked jumps, plan multi-way exits, and further refine your exit techniques. You may also begin to form a relationship with your mentors, those of us who will be standing by for years to come as you gain experience and knowledge at objects around the world.

BASE Level 2:

Time to see a bit of the world. Our B2 courses take place at cliffs and other BASE objects. Courses are tailored to your location and timeline. Most courses begin in, and depart from, Moab, UT. Prerequisites include a minimum number of skydives and a genuine commitment to train.

BASE Level 3:

Tracking Alpine Cliffs. Level 3 happens at terminal and sub-terminal slider-up locations in North America and Europe. Together with your mentors, you will experience the most powerful sensation we know of: accelerating to terminal velocity from a large fixed object. An intense focus on mountain micro-meteorology, the subtleties of sub-terminal and terminal deployments, and the art of sub-terminal tracking are covered. We will also do an in-depth analysis of every slider up object fatality in the history of BASE, arming you with knowledge of prevention and hopefully the tools needed to refine your judgment in the highest risk environment that BASE knows.