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Chris Mort

Kapowsin, WA

Chris Mort started his skydiving career in South Africa in 2009, and almost immediately took up wingsuit flying. Since then, Chris has accumulated 1300 skydives, 400 BASE jumps and 900 wingsuit jumps (between skydiving and BASE).

Chris's motivation to start wingsuit coaching was to give back to the skydiving and BASE communities, and to help assist new jumpers in taking the proper steps to safely fly a wingsuit. Wingsuiting and tracking have been the main focus of Chris's skydiving/BASE career for the past seven years.

Chris was a founder of DC Wingsuit School at Skydive Orange which was established in 2012. Since then, he has introduced many skydivers to wingsuiting and coached at all levels of experience, through camps at many dropzones across the country.