NEXT LEVEL FLIGHT courses provide wingsuit pilots with a stronger foundation in the first phases of progression. The NL flight course progression will take you well beyond the typical ‘First Flight Course’, and is more structured than coaching. The progression delivers an in-depth exploration of the aerodynamics of gliding flight, wingsuit design, aviation psychology, and advanced skills, both in-flight and also for pre-flight planning. Each course is a prerequisite for the following level. By the end of Level 3, pilots can expect to be ready for a Load Organizer certification or wingsuit coach course.


WS First Flight Course:

Like any First Flight Course, the NEXT LEVEL wingsuit intro will get you your first few wingsuit jumps. Unlike any other wingsuit FFC, the NEXT LEVEL intro will arm you with an understanding of wingsuit aerodynamics, wingsuit design, and a list of tips and tricks that are absent from many other first flight intro courses. This is the only FFC designed by the people who designed your wingsuit.

1 Day. Price: $350 + Coach slots. Ratio: 1:1. Book Here

100 Level WS Courses:

Our 100 level courses introduce you to fundamental skills from two different branches of piloting: Formations, and Dynamic.

WS Formations 101: This course introduces you to the theory and practice of formation flying. The central focus is on learning to fly relative to the base, approach your slot safely, and break off. Students will also gain a basic understanding of the techniques used for speed and glide adjustments. Completing this course will teach you how to get more out of each jump whether you are with your friends, by yourself, or headed to your first wingsuit event. You will depart the course with a Skill Development Plan that will make your subsequent training jumps more exciting and relevant to your progression.

2 Days. Price: $350 + Coach slots. Ratio: 2:1. Book Here

WS Dynamic 102: Learning to transition properly and beginning to backfly are the focus of this course. Transitions and back flying are the basic tenets of many more advanced acro maneuvers. We will cover the fundamentals and help while to instill good habits which will allow you to progress in dynamic flying. The WS 102 Skill Development Plan is full of fun – applying the focused training that you receive during the course to your SDP, which contains a guide for deliberate practice of maneuvers, will make future skydives exciting and efficient.

2 Days. Price: $350 + Coach slots. Ratio: 2:1. Book Here

In the meantime, we recommend 1:1 Coaching

200 Level WS Courses:

Our 200 level courses are designed for pilots flying an intermediate wingsuit who want to fly tighter, higher speed formations in the sky, and who are ready to advance in dynamic flying.

WS Formations 201: In this course we’ll focus on the difference between being on the jump and being in the formation, and learn how to take your formation to a higher speed. We’ll plan more complex vertical & 3D stacks, and execute multiple points in the dive plan. Formations increase in size wherever possible. Learn to be the base, and how to fly quietly in order to keep a larger formation clean and tight. Performance flying is also covered - learn to understand the subtleties of AoA vs. Body Configuration and the secrets to increasing horizontal speed. Upon exiting this course, you will have a Skill Development Plan that you can use to increase your level while training with fellow wingsuit pilots at your home DZ or wherever you travel.

2 Days. Price: $350 + Coach slots. Ratio: 3:1. Book Here

WS Dynamic 202: This course takes dynamic flying to a steeper angle and focuses on executing transitions cleanly in your slot. We begin to build mixed belly/back formations, and introduce more complex acrobatic maneuvers. Performance flying is reviewed with an emphasis on steeper angles. We will also help to build a foundation for acro maneuvers combined with taking docks – an important skill for anyone considering acrobatic competition. Using the SDP for this course, you can progress from being stable on your back, to being able to lead a formation on your back while manipulating your speed and glide.

2 Days. Price: $350 + Coach slots. Ratio: 3:1. Book Here

In between, we recommend 1:1 Coaching

300 Level WS Courses:

300 level courses are for experienced WS pilots who are looking to reach the highest levels of wingsuit piloting.

Bigways 300: Taught by World Record organizer Taya Weiss, this course prepares you for setting a record, whether it be state, national, or world. You will depart this course with a clear plan to become a competent organizer of regional records, or a participant in a national or world record.

2 Days. Price: $350 + Coach slots. Ratio varies. Book Here

Advanced Maneuvers 301: Inverted split-S? Massive flares? Steep angle carving? This course puts huge smiles on windy faces. Essentially, we show you the most exciting wingsuit maneuvers that we know of, and how to have as much fun as possible flying a wingsuit. This is one of the most valuable courses that NEXT LEVEL offers, and it is a prerequisite for pilots seeking coach and load organizer roles.

2 Days. Price: $350 + Coach slots. Ratio: 3:1. Book Here

Peak Performance 302: For pilots who intend to race and compete. You will learn about a wingsuit polar curve, how to max out the performance of your suit, gain techniques for competing in events such as the FAI World Cup, Red Bull ACES, and WOWS. Flysight settings and configuration tips, and basic strategies for each major competition format are covered. This course is taught by pilots who have stood on the podiums of World Championships and ACES events. The 302 SDP is a guide to getting yourself onto the podium with them.

2 Days. Price: $350. Ratio + Coach slots: 3:1. Book Here

Again, we highly recommend 1:1 Coaching

The NEXT LEVEL SDP and Deliberate Practice


Each NEXT LEVEL wingsuit course occurs over one or a few days, during which time you will have the opportunity to skydive with your instructor. Personalized coaching will be given during the course, and your instructor will describe specific methods to improve your flying. No one or two-day course can include enough skydives to completely master a new skill, but your instructor will help to lay the foundation for progress by teaching you specific techniques. At the end of the course, you will receive a Skill Development Plan, or SDP. The SDP is a list of tasks that are relevant to your progression. Each task, and how to train them, will be described by your instructor. This, combined with what you will take away from the personalized coaching, will provide you with a road map to achieve your wingsuit piloting goals.

Deliberate Practice

The NEXT LEVEL training program is centered on the idea that repetition is not the answer. Practice makes permanent, not perfect. While racking up 100 solo or unstructured wingsuit jumps will help you to learn many things about skydiving, it will not necessarily put you on the path to high level piloting. Our instruction is based on deliberate practice, which is the idea that the quality of your practice can be just as important as the quantity of your practice. The number of jumps you do is not as important as what you do on those jumps. Our team is as diverse as it is elite, and together we have developed a course syllabus and training methodology to rapidly improve your flying. The immediate feedback during your course, combined with personalized tips and the SDP, gives you the opportunity to train more efficiently, and to train modern and effective techniques.