Load Organizing

NEXT LEVEL offers one course that is an introduction to WS LO'ing. It is not a certification or an endorsement. If you are a DZO/DZM searching for wingsuit load organizers, please contact us and we will connect you with an expert WS LO for your event.

Load Organizing Theory 101:

Wingsuit Load Organizing is a serious endeavor. Wingsuits consume large amounts of airspace, which is something busy dropzones never have in abundance. Large groups of wingsuit pilots are inevitably diverse in terms of skill set and experience. Bringing pilots together to fly safely is the goal, and this course will help you to understand the basic tenets of manifesting groups, and flying a formation base. We also cover the factors that contribute to, and the appropriate treatment of, boogie madness.

  • Adapting patterns of flight to specific dropzones
  • Adapting patterns of flight to specific loads
  • Manifesting groups together efficiently and appropriately
  • Creating dive plans
  • Pilot skill level triage
  • Maintaining and controlling group energy by assigning slots and groups
  • Maintaining efficient manifest processes
  • Waking up before noon on Sunday

This is a classroom-focused course, with practical jumps optional / possible.

1 Day. Price: $100. Ratio Varies. Book Here