NEXT LEVEL Wingsuit BASE courses are unique, and the progression that they offer is meant to be completed over several years. NL WSB modules will take you from a beginner wingsuit BASE jumper to a competition level WS BASE racer or terrain flyer, if that is what you want. It will not happen overnight, or over a summer, but over time.

WS BASE Level 1:

WSB 1 prepares you for and offers you the opportunity to complete your first WS BASE flights. This course features significant classroom time that will help to arm you with the theory education needed to fly a wingsuit in an alpine environment.

WS BASE Level 2:

The prerequisite for WSB 2 is one full season of wingsuit BASE experience and the WSB 1 course. Instructor ratios are as low as 1:1. This level introduces you to setting up lines of flight at premier WS BASE exits.

WS BASE Level 3:

Opening new exits. Shorter start arcs. Terrain flying. WSB 3 is a foray into the higher levels of WS BASE, and gives you the tools you need to asses a new exit point and fly a complex terrain line.