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Laurent Frat


Laurent has dedicated his life to wingsuits and BASE jumping for the past (nearly) ten years. He is now a resident of Chamonix, France, where he big mountain WS BASE jumps year-round.

Lau lives to WS BASE jump, and his outlook on the sport has been impacted by his life experience. He worked for years as a firefighter, paramedic and on a search and rescue team. Lau’s situational awareness is keen, and he has relied on his risk assessment abilities heavily in BASE.

Lau also spent years racing mountain bikes competitively and training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He says that these things have helped him to understand the importance of training and humility.

Lau believes that being a good coach and mentor is not just about performance, but being able to present material in a way that students will be able to absorb it. Lau’s experience in fitness training and the rigid environment of emergency services have provided a good foundation for his efforts in sharing his knowledge with other wingsuit pilots.

Lau’s resume includes over 1000 wingsuit BASE jumps in the mountains. He is a three-time Red Bull ACES contestant, was first in accuracy at WFL China (third team overall), and competed at the WWL 2014.