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Maurizio DiPalma


Maurizio di Palma, aka “Maury”, has dedicated the past 17 years of his life to BASE jumping and wingsuit flying. He started skydiving in 1996, but his true passion is BASE jumping in any form.

He lives and teaches BASE at Monte Brento, Italy, and is the foremost local reference for anyone seeking advice for BASE jumping in the region. Maury is an expert on everything BASE. With nearly 4500+ BASE jumps to his credit, from 455 different objects (as of December 2018) around the world, he is one of the most experienced BASE jumpers in the history of our sport.

In addition to being an expert wingsuit BASE jumper, he is also a technician when it comes to low objects and aerials. His skill set is incredibly diverse and he is one of the most qualified advisers in our sport. Since 2014, he has collaborated with Sean Chuma on the TandemBASE project in Europe, offering tandem BASE jumps from Monte Brento.

Maury’s resume includes over 1000+ wing suit BASE jumps in the mountains. His team won the first edition of Wings for Love 2015, and he was a participant at WWL 2014, as well a many International BASE competitions around the world.