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Roch Malnuit


Roch Malnuit started BASE jumping in 2003, aged 21. Born into a family where his father was a BASE jumper and mother a seamstress, Roch sewed and tested his first wingsuit in 2010. Since then he has dedicated himself to climbing and jumping in the Alps. He has over 2000 BASE jumps and has opened many exits in his home region. He has also completed technical alpine ascents and wingsuit BASE jumps in Antarctica and Pakistan.

He is heavily involved in the sport and is President of the French BASE Association, whose mission is improving the image of BASE jumping in France. Roch also provides teaching and guiding with via Rock Drop BASE jumping school. He believes that being a good coach is not just about performance, but also being able to support and advise students on their path in the sport. When he’s not out jumping, you can find Roch in his hometown of Chamonix, rock climbing, snowboarding, paragliding or participating in any mountain sport. He is a local reference for anyone seeking advice for BASE jumping in the region.