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Tom Thomas "Zip"


Tom, known as “Zip” to his friends, was born in France but raised around the planet. He has never stayed more than two years in the same location. He began flying sports in 2008, after moving on from rock climbing and free-running. He has since completed more than 2000 BASE jumps without any type of injury, and opened jumps on every continent. Zip loves low objects and urban BASE jumping, and that has been his focus since he began BASE. Yet, he is also an impressive jumper in alpine environments, and an experienced BASE tracker & freeflyer. Zip is a full-time human flight instructor and test pilot. He coaches in the tunnel, guides BASE jumpers through their development and first jumps, is a speed flying/riding test pilot, aerobatic paragliding pilot, and a passionate vol-bivouac traveler. Zip’s BASE instruction is unique in that it is highly 1 to 1, and encompasses a wholistic multi-sport approach with tunnel, paragliding, and general alpine skills development.

Zip specializes in 1 to 1 coaching for jumpers who are working towards BASE jumping goals. His experience is broad and he brings a very wholistic approach to BASE jumping, encouraging his students to develop skills in paragliding, speed flying, tunnel flying, rock climbing, and developing the relevant canopy skills. Zip strongly believes that each student should progress at their own pace and that all instruction should be highly customized to the individual. His teaching philosophy is that a true dedication to the process and a constant attention to safety are the two pillars of achievement in outdoor sports.

His goal is to link the student’s body and mind, through experiences, building a strong foundation and a deep understanding of each task to pursue evolution; enjoying safety, control, and autonomy.