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Scotty Bob

Southern California

Robert S Morgan, aka Scotty Bob, grew up in Northern Virginia. As he puts it, he never knew quite what he wanted to do with his life, but fortunately for him, the US Marine Corps did, and he found himself in Iraq two times before his 22nd birthday.

Upon exiting the military, Scotty found his true passion in skydiving, wingsuiting, and BASE jumping. He started on the east coast and slowly “manifest destiny’d” his way to Southern California, with a few stints in North Carolina, Virginia, Arizona, Northern California, Washington, and Salt Lake City along the way.

Scotty is truly passionate about teaching wingsuit progression, mostly because his was, as he says, a little rough (by that we think he means that he has seen more than his fair share of loss of life).

In his words: “If you truly value your life and your relationships with those around you, please seek out proper education for your wingsuit goals. If not from me, then from another qualified instructor anywhere on Earth. It's a beautiful world we live in… stick around long enough to enjoy it for a while, and you’ll find yourself making smarter decisions.”

Scotty’s resume includes several thousand wingsuit jumps and over 1000 low BASE jumps from a very wide array of objects. He is truly one of the more experience and diversified jumpers in our sport, currently.