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Stéphane "Zun" Zunino


Zun’s career in wingsuit flying goes back to 1997, when he began his collaboration with Loic Jean-Albert. Together, they created S-Fly Equipment, one of the first and most innovative wingsuit companies. Zun’s wingsuit career has touched on practically every part of the sport on the recreational and industry side, from designing some of the most innovative suits to organizing world records and training countless skydivers how to fly a wingsuit.

Zun’s skydiving resume spans all disciplines and dates back to the early 1990s when he was skysurfing with the likes of Patrick de Gayardon and Eric Fradet at World Meets, jumping 4 Way FS and competing with the French National Team in 8 Way FS. He now has over 17,000 skydives with nearly 5,000 of them in wingsuits. Our relationship with Zun spans many years and we are overjoyed to join forces with him in our effort to spread knowledge and technique.