• Free For All

Zach Carbo

Zach spent over a decade in the military, primarily in small reconnaissance teams where he taught, developed, and executed small unit tactics and training for Special Operations mission sets. During his tour, Zach also enjoyed a short stint as a parachute demonstration / accuracy jumper (Black Daggers). Zach is a military freefall instructor, USPA Coach, AFF-I, Tandem-I, Static Line-I, and FAA Senior Rigger.

Zach has around 3,000 skydives, over 1,000 BASE jumps, and has been jumping since 2004. His home dropzone is Kapowsin Air Sports, where he participates in all aspects of freefall including first jump students, military transition training, demonstration jumps, XRW, large and small formation jumps (multiple disciplines), and individual wingsuit coaching with first and early flight students. Zach is also an avid skier, speed flyer, and paragliding / paramotor pilot.