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Taya Weiss

Skydive Perris

A pioneer in wingsuit flying, Taya has been an active coach since 2004. With over 6000 jumps, she holds a USPA Coach rating and is a Wingsuit Coach Examiner. Taya has been the lead organizer and a participant in the largest wingsuit formation world records, ushering them into official recognition as a member of the International Parachuting Commission wingsuit committee.

She is the first woman and one of the first skydivers to perform XRW (“Extreme Relative Work”), a new discipline where wingsuit flyers in freefall link up with high-performance parachute pilots. She also enjoys freeflying and angle flying, and she recently spent a season training and competing with an all-women’s 8-way formation skydiving team.

She runs the Lightning Flight Wingsuit School at Skydive Perris in Southern California, one of the world’s largest dropzones. Read her profile in Parachutist Magazine.