United States BASE Camp

BASE camp is a two week immersive program that combines the training from the Elevated BASE course with an in-depth version of the BASE FJC and is intended for those who wish to build a more solid foundation in the sport during their initial training.

The first half of the course takes place on the DZ where you’ll train the competencies required for the Perrine Bridge. An intensive BASE canopy training session (in the skydive environment) will focus on canopy control and accuracy. We will cover packing and rigging in depth, followed by site assessment and exit control as well as a BASE-specific water training & rope skills.

The second week of the course takes place at the Perrine Bridge in Idaho where you’ll learn a variety of exits, deployment techniques, and emergency procedures. Participants in this program should have the desire to put in more work upfront and during the program than is required of a standard FJC, and be prepared to meet the mental and physical standards required to participate in this extraordinarily high-risk sport.

Search our calendar for available courses or contact us to set up a BASE camp at your home drop zone.